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Dr. York's Biography


Dr. York is a long time resident of the Santa Barbara/Goleta area. He attended UCSB (class of 1976) where he earned his BA in Experimental Psychology. While working in the mental health field he received his first chiropractic adjustment. Although he was being treated for an injury from an automobile accident, he was unexpectedly cured of his lifelong headaches. It was then that he decided to become a Chiropractor. Dr. York states, "I was always good with my hands, but I didn't know how to use that talent. I now consider my injury a blessing since it led me to Chiropractic. After a lifetime of suffering, I could truly appreciate the healing effects of the Chiropractic adjustment. I knew I was born to be a chiropractor." Dr. York has practiced in the Santa Barbara area for his entire 28-year career. After 21 years directing the York Chiropractic Clinic, he was excited to join Drs. Hergenroether and Cochran and form Advanced Chiropractic Group. "These two doctors represent the best in Chiropractic clinicians and they are great guys. It is fun to be part of such a dynamic and talented group."

Dr. York currently lives in Goleta with his wife of 28 years, Cydney Miller (a local Montessori teacher). His son, Matt, is a secondary school teacher and coaches football and soccer at Dos Pueblo High School. His daughter, Caitlin, is a law student at UC Berkley.Aside from Chiropractic, Dr. York enjoys travel and sports. He has coached youth soccer and baseball and has been both an umpire and a referee. He currently enjoys officiating adult recreational league soccer matches. "To be able to go out on the field and participate with these fine local athletes is about the most fun you can have while getting a great work out!"

In 2012 Dr. York converted his combined traditional and instrument based practice entirely over to the revolutionary 'IQ Impulse Adjusting Instrument and Adjusting Technique'. "The IQ Instrument represents the most profound change in Chiropractic adjusting I have seen in my practicing career. It is a true 'game changer'. The immediate results achieved with both my new and existing patients have been extraordinary. Dr. York's 28 years of clinical experience makes him the right choice for discerning the appropriate treatment for your health care issues. Dr. York works closely with health care providers representing all the medical specialties to ensure you quickly receive the most appropriate health care your case requires.

Dr. York's Reports

Recently, Dr. York attended a post graduate educational conference presenting recent ground breaking research on the chiropractic subluxation (that “thing” that chiropractors correct).

Dr. York reports “This new research demonstrated an entirely different way of understanding how a chiropractic subluxation (the so called “bone out of place”) occurs. We previously felt we needed to “push” or “force” the vertebrae back into place. The new research revealed the bone wasn’t “stuck” out of place, but was being “held” off center by protective muscle, muscles that tighten in order to protect that injured joint from additional irritation.”

The research Christopher Colloca, D.C. has done has been published in the leading health journals (Spine and JMPT ).  He presents these new findings to health practitioners in all the medical specialties including Orthopedic, Neurosurgeons and Rheumatologist. Dr. Colloca’s engineers at Neuromechanical Innovations have designed a new adjusting tool that addresses the inhibited muscles that surround the injured back segment. The new Impulse IQ adjusting instrument actually senses the body’s response to its impact and varies its rhythm to match the changing muscle tone as it happens in real time. By incorporating an accelerometer, motion detector and computer chip, - this machine actually determines if the doctor in using the correct adjusting angle. If not, it stops and allows the doctor to change the adjusting angle. As the instrument detects positive changes to the body it changes its own rhythm until maximum corrections have occurred. 

“In using the new technology, I have seen amazing results not only in the spine but in shoulders, hip and knees weekly. My patients are reporting more profound improvements than I have ever heard before. They tell me their adjustments are lasting much longer than before. I have never been more excited over a new development in my 30 year career. I am more motivated than ever to help our patients that are looking for relief they feared would have none.”

Please click on the presentation of the impulse IQ on our link “I look forward to meeting you.”