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Posted on 05-23-2017

Visit Your Santa Barbara Chiropractor for Head and Neck Pain Relief

Head and neck pain is the most common reason people visit their chiropractors. Comprised of several vertebrae extending from your upper torso to the base of the skull, your neck also relies on muscles, ligaments and numerous bones for support and motion. Injury, inflammation or other abnormalities to any one of your neck's components may cause neck stiffness and pain or a combination of head and neck pain.

chronic head pain

In many cases, neck pain resolves itself within a few days if the pain is due to simple strain, overuse or repetitive activities. If pain remains or worsens, your Santa Barbara chiropractic urges you to schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment of your head and neck pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain

Chiropractic techniques effective for relieving head and neck pain include percussion massage therapy, spinal adjustments, posture correction and other noninvasive methods offered at Advanced Chiropractic Group. Your Santa Barbara chiropractor will evaluate your neck pain by examining your spine for misalignment, slipped disks or lumbar disorders that may be responsible for pain radiating into the neck and head.

Chiropractors do not just treat symptoms of neck pain but treat each person suffering musculoskeletal pain as a “whole” person. By thoroughly assessing the condition of all physiological systems, your chiropractor can accurately determine the cause of your head and neck pain and initiate appropriate chiropractic treatment.

Benefits of Percussion Massage for Head and Neck Pain

In addition to adjustments, percussion massage therapy is an integral part of any chiropractic treatment plan that increases blood circulation, stimulates endorphin production and detoxifies the body by forcing toxins out of body tissues and into the digestive system where they are eliminated by the body. Your Santa Barbara chiropractor also recommends seeking treatment if you suffer insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain and muscle spasms.

Call Us Today To Schedule An Appointment!

The goal of the Advanced Chiropractic Group is to provide our patients with rapid, long-term pain relief that does not involve drugs or surgery. We serve residents of the greater Santa Barbara area and welcome new patients. If you suffer head and neck pain, please call us today to schedule an appointment: 805-681-7322.

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