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Lumbar Pain in Santa Barbara CA

Do you suffer from lower back pain, which is also called lumbar pain in Santa Barbara, CA? This pain can cause you to lose your mobility and decrease your livelihood. Instead of suffering it is time to let our chiropractor in Santa Barbara provide you with effective, natural lumbar pain treatment. We use a holistic approach to lower back pain relief that includes chiropractic techniques, cold laser therapy, and massage therapy. Find out more about how we help with pain management at Advanced Chiropractic Group.

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Common Causes of Lumbar Back Pain

If you have poor posture and a tendency to slouch, this is one of the most common reasons for lumbar back pain. Poor ergonomics at work or when sitting at a desk is another complaint from back pain sufferers. Sitting or lifting without taking into account the right way to bend your back can lead to lumbar back pain. 

As you continue to move incorrectly at work this causes chronic lower back pain. You can also experience certain injuries that cause low back pain. This includes a sports injury, auto accident injury, or slip and fall injury. These injuries typically lead to herniated discs or slipped discs that cause lumbar back pain.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

When your lumbar region is injured you may feel dull, achy, or burning pain throughout your lower back. This is due to either muscle strain or inflamed connective tissue associated with vertebrae issues. Your pain may escalate after you have stood or sat for a long time. 

You might even be unable to sit up, stand, or walk due to the pain or because you feel like your lumbar muscles have locked up. This muscle tightness can be accompanied by muscle spasms throughout your hips and pelvis, as well as the lower back. If you have sciatica, which is sciatic nerve pain, you may suffer from numbness or tingling in one side of your lower hip and leg.

Chiropractic Lumber Pain Treatment 

The first step to lumbar pain treatment is to have a consultation with one of our chiropractic doctors. Following a comprehensive exam we will prescribe you a personalized treatment program to aid in healing injuries and reducing back pain. 

If you have an injury that is causing your back pain, we being with treating the injury using a variety of techniques. These include mechanical traction therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and other chiropractic methods. 

To treat lumbar pain caused by poor posture or ergonomics, we can start with an adjustment to realign your back. Our chiropractor may also use corrective exercises to help readjust your back muscles to a healthy position.

Meet Our Chiropractor in Santa Barbara, Call Us Today!

Start your lumbar back pain treatment today by contacting our chiropractor in Santa Barbara. Here at Advanced Chiropractic Group, we specialize in a holistic approach to lower back injuries and lumbar pain. Give us a call at 805-681-7322 to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractic doctors in Santa Barbara, CA.