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Advanced Chiropractic Group
Car Accident Injury Care

Car accident in Santa Barbara and someone is need of chiropractor care

At Advanced Chiropractic Group, we see many patients who were injured in a car accident and feel lingering pain, weeks or even months after the accident. We know that chiropractic is an effective way to manage pain from car accidents without using drugs. Learn more about our car accident chiropractor services. 

Santa Barbara Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash is an extremely common auto accident injury resulting from strain of the neck muscles. Even if you were stopped and your car was bumped in a "fender bender" you could still get whiplash. You do not need to be traveling at high speeds to end up injured from an auto accident. 

Pain, stiff neck muscles, blurred vision, nausea, and fatigue are all symptoms of whiplash. After a car accident, do not go home to sleep it off or ice and heat your muscles thinking that you will feel better. You need to be checked out and treated for injuries. 

We relieve whiplash by restoring the alignment of your cervical spine. As we bring your neck back into alignment, that stiffness and muscle tension you experience will naturally decrease. You will feel better and not be complaining of pain. 

After our treatment, do not be surprised if your neck is not only "good as new" but now feels "better than ever!"

What Does an Auto Accident Chiropractor Treat?

Not only can we relieve whiplash naturally, we can offer you holistic, proven treatments for common car accident injuries such as: 

  • Back pain - Back pain is common after car accidents when you are forced forward or sideways by the impact of the crash. We can treat back pain by realigning the spinal column. 
  • Knee pain - If you sit close to the steering wheel, you may severely injure your knee by hitting it on the steering wheel column, dashboard, or even on the driver or passenger side door. 
  • Headaches - Headaches and migraines that result after a car accident can be successfully treated with chiropractic. 
  • Soft tissue injuries - The impact on the accident can not only shift your spine out of alignment, it can cause soft tissue injuries. By reducing inflammation and supporting the nervous system, chiropractic can address soft tissue injury healing. 
  • Jaw pain - Jaw pain often is a symptom of cervical spine misalignment. By realigning your cervical spine we can reduce jaw pain naturally. 
  • Shoulder pain - Like back pain, shoulder pain results from the pressure of a crash. Allow us to reduce pain and restore shoulder mobility using holistic methods. 

The sooner you come in after the accident, the faster we can reduce your pain and heal your body. 

Contact Our Santa Barbara Chiropractor Today

Sign up for your first appointment online or call us at 805-681-7322 today to set up a consultation with our Santa Barbara auto accident chiropractor and learn how we can help you recover from auto accident injuries. Our treatment will end your pain naturally and restore your body to optimal wellness!