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Frequently Asked Questions About Santa Barbara Sports Injury Treatment

The chiropractors at Advanced Chiropractic Group have been providing Santa Barbara sports injury treatment for over 25 years. If you have recently sustained a sports injury, you may be wondering how our chiropractic care can help your injury heal quickly and safely. Below, our chiropractic team has answered five of your most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please feel free to schedule a personal consultation with our chiropractic team.

Questions About Santa Barbara Sports Injury Treatment

What causes sports injuries?

Overuse and poor technique are leading causes for repetitive motion injuries. A hard impact or sudden fall may cause a herniated, slipped or bulging disc. Straining the neck to follow a ball, turning suddenly, or simply landing on the wrong foot without full support can strain neck and back muscles.

How are sports injuries diagnosed?

Our chiropractic care team uses hands-on evaluations, X-rays and other diagnostic tests to precisely diagnose your sports injury. These tests are especially important if a spinal misalignment is responsible for your pain. Identifying the precise location for a spinal subluxation helps our chiropractor more effectively restore proper alignment to the spine and relieve your pain.

How can chiropractic care help a repetitive motion injury?

Pain from a repetitive motion injury, such as tennis elbow, is caused by a combination of different factors. Improper movement over time aggravates the elbow tendons, causing swelling and inflammation. Without effective treatment, this condition can become so serious that some individuals are unable to even hold or grip objects in their hands. Our physiotherapy treatments are effective for reducing swelling and inflammation, which minimizes pain. Chiropractic adjustments are also an important part of Santa Barbara sports injury treatment. Adjustments treat the underlying spinal misalignment that is responsible for a patient’s improper movement, which ultimately led to tendon inflammation.

What happens if I have a spinal disc injury?

If you are suffering back or neck pain due to a sports-related spinal disc injury, our Santa Barbara chiropractors follow a drug-free approach to managing this pain. We typically recommend a combination of chiropractic adjustments and complementary therapies, such as trigger point therapy or electrical stimulation, for enhanced pain management.

What is Foundation Training and how can it help me after a sports injury?

Safely restoring mobility to the body is one of the biggest challenges that our patients face after a sports injury. Foundation Training helps to bring mobility, flexibility and coordination back to the body after injury. Additionally, Foundation Training also helps patients reach new heights in physical health and achieve long-standing athletic goals. Foundation Training is a series of exercises that integrate the muscles within the body. These exercises begin with the posterior chain of muscles, which help stabilize the core and are essential for athletic success. With every step you take, you will be stronger as your body learns to even absorb your weight.

For additional questions about Santa Barbara sports injury treatment, contact our practice at 805-765-2664.