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Cold laser therapy is a cutting-edge treatment technique for pain management and injury rehabilitation. Whether you are struggling with chronic back pain after a car accident or your body is slowly healing following an injury, cold laser therapy can help. Also known as “low-level laser therapy”, cold laser therapy uses focused light from a low intensity laser to ease pain and support the body’s natural healing process by reducing inflammation.

Cold Laser Treatment Helps Patients Heal Faster After Injury & Manage Chronic Pain

Unlike surgical or cosmetic lasers that produce heat and can damage tissue, cold laser does no harm to human tissue. Cold laser is FDA approved for neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, and is classified as a Class III B medical device. Treatment benefits include increased energy production within cell mitochondria, increased anti-oxidants and detoxification via increased glutamine levels, enhanced microcirculation and nutrient exchange across cell membranes, increased tissue repair, enhanced immune function and lymphatic response, enhanced nerve regeneration, increased endorphin levels, and reduced pain, edema, and inflammation.

Cold laser therapy works by harnessing the power of light to support internal healing. Cold laser treatments target concentrated amounts of light several inches beneath the skin’s surface. This targeted light is able to penetrate injured cells, which then soak up the light and use energy from the light to repair cellular damage. Light energy increases the production of the chemical ATP that is essential to cellular function. The more ATP your cells have available, the faster they can repair cellular damage and minimize inflammation, which reduces pain and supports the healing process.

With over 25 years of clinical research and thousands of published papers, there hasn’t been one reported harmful side effect. Elite athletes like Lance Armstrong use laser therapy to prepare for and recover from athletic competition. Laser therapy is utilized by many professional sports franchises, leading trauma hospitals, and burn centers. However, it has not always been available for local patients. Today, our Santa Barbara chiropractic center is one of the only local wellness centers offering cold laser treatment to its clients.

In addition to support the body’s natural recovery process after an accident injury, cold laser therapy may also be beneficial for managing chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. While cold laser therapy cannot “cure” fibromyalgia or chronic back pain, it can help relieve the internal inflammation that may be aggravating this pain. Additionally, poor healing of muscle tissues is associated with scar tissue and chronic pain. By supporting the body’s healing process, cold laser treatment may help minimize the risk for developing chronic pain.

Cold laser therapy in Santa Barbara has helped many of our local patients safely heal faster after injury and better manage their pain. Depending on your pain management or injury rehabilitation needs, cold laser treatment may be able to help you, too! To learn more about the benefits of cold laser therapy, our chiropractic team recommends a diagnostic appointment. Schedule yours today by calling 805-681-7322.