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IQ Treatment Provides a Gentle Adjustment For Treating Whiplash to Sciatica

Impulse IQ Adjustment technique is a simple, gentle way to perform chiropractic adjustments for treating whiplash, carpal tunnel and sciatica. Call us today to learn more

The Impulse IQ Adjustment technique is a simple, gentle way to perform chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremity joints with minimal discomfort.

Benefits of IQ Treatments for Carpal Tunnel, Whiplash and Sciatica

The IQ adjustor can be used to reduce pain and facilitate the healing of sciatica, whiplash and carpal tunnel syndrome. This treatment is considered highly accurate and comfortable than traditional, manual chiropractic adjustments, and it can be used on people with arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases.

  • Accurate
  • Effective
  • Fast
  • Gentle

Since the IQ adjustor uses a rubber tip, the point of force is very specific, which makes the adjustment very precise and effective at treating misalignments of the spine, hips, arms and legs. The device also performs many adjustments very rapidly because it senses the movement of the joint and adjusts accordingly.

Many patients feel minimal discomfort during the treatment because the force is precisely regulated by a computer chip and a sensor, and it has been developed and tested repeatedly over its five year research and development phase.

Impulse IQ Adjustment Technique Treatments

Impulse IQ Adjustment treatments are performed using a handheld device that looks like a gun with a rubber tip. While the device looks simple, the movement and force during the treatment is actually controlled by a computer processor. The processor receives information from a sensor located in the tip, which relays the degree of movement in the vertebra or joint and the speed at which the vertebra or joint moves.

As the information is processed, the tip of the IQ Adjusting Instrument varies its speed and the pressure applied. This makes the adjustment very fast.

When undergoing your IQ adjustment treatment, our chiropractor will determine which vertebrae or extremity joint needs to be adjusted or realigned. He will then place the device in the location of the misalignment and activate it. The adjustor will send an initial thrust into the vertebrae or joint. That initial thrust will then be measured, and the device will vary its speed according to the joint’s movement. In general, as the spine or extremity joint becomes more mobile, the thrusting or pulsing action of the device will increase. Once the device has determined that the vertebra or joint is at maximum mobility, it automatically turns itself off. This means that your joints will not be overly manipulated, and you will receive the maximum possible benefit from each and every adjustment.

As the device works to manipulate and adjust the joint, the individual may hear or feel popping in their spine, and the IQ adjustor produces clicking as it operates. All of these sounds are completely normal.

To learn more about our IQ Impulse Adjustment Instrument or to schedule an appointment, call our chiropractic office at 805-681-7322. Our Santa Barbara chiropractor would be happy to explain our treatment options to you and how they can help reduce your sciatica, whiplash and extremity pain.