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Services & Techniques from Our Chiropractors in Santa Barbara

Chiropractic services Santa Barbara chiropractor

At Advanced Chiropractic Group, we know what our patients want and need:  A comprehensive, all-in-one source of holistic care and treatment that's safe, effective and beneficial for the entire family. That's why our chiropractors in Santa Barbara offer such a wide and diverse range of conservative care services and techniques, allowing us to craft personalized health and wellness plans for your specific needs and goals. Take a look at some of the popular services and techniques we provide.

Chiropractic Adjustment - Our chiropractors in Santa Barbara can administer a variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques to normalize your joint mobility, spinal alignment and neurological function. In addition to manual techniques such as the Diversified Technique and Palmer Method, we also offer instrument-based Impulse IQ and Activator techniques for maximum precision with minimal discomfort.

Mechanical Traction Therapy - Our mechanical traction harness and intersegmental mechanical traction table allow us to administer safe degrees of flexion distraction force to the spinal column. This can greatly relieve disc problems and nerve impingement caused by injuries or chronic degenerative conditions.

Percussion Massage - The gentle tapping action of percussion massage can relieve tension, break up scarring and reduce pain in the deep tissues of the fleshier parts of the body. 

Myofascial Release - Myofascial release is prescribed for injuries to the fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds muscles) that are producing stiffness, pain and immobility. This technique loosens the tissues so you can enjoy a greater pain-free range of motion.

Trigger Point Therapy - Trigger points are painful muscle knots that refer pain to various points in the body. Trigger point therapy manipulates and loosens these knots using repeated pressure and release cycles, accompanied by breathing exercises. Once the knots are gone, so is your referred pain.

Cold Laser Therapy - Cold laser therapy employs low-level laser energy to treat injuries or chronic pain problems originating beneath the skin. (This type of laser causes no damage to the skin or tissues whatsoever.) The laser energy supports healing by boosting cells' ability to repair themselves; it also increases blood flow to relieve pain and inflammation.

Corrective Exercises - Corrective exercises help ensure that an injured body part regains full strength and mobility. We may also recommend a customized selection of corrective exercises to help you maintain a more normal posture and spinal alignment, in which turn can help you avoid future injuries.

Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy serves as a useful complement to other forms of natural healing. We can prescribe ultrasound, heat, cold and other forms of physiotherapy to help you rehabilitate a soft tissue injury or experience drug-free relief from chronic pain.

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